Friday, April 13, 2012


hello, friends!
aren't you glad it's f.r.i.d.a.y?

here's a peek into our week in pictures.
hello! instagram for android!
:::insert happy dance:::
also, i have to say that i am totally excited about picmonkey!
the new filters are better than picnik
and they have some super cool photo app looking frames, too. 
i'm crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer that they come out with collage before april 19th.
oh, pleeeeease! 

happy resurrection sunday!::::::::::on our way to church easter morn

school days::::::::::begonias

new birthday cardi::::::::::view from the laundry pile

birthday gift from elly{she made it}::::::::::birthday gift from mama

no more biting nails!::::::::::henry's rocket

flowering crab::::::::::new coffee cup


child labor::::::::::learning about spain 

and my FAVORITE find of the week....
i have been searching for this canvas ever since nathan and i saw it at home goods around Christmas time. 
we couldn't justify paying $30 for it when we had gifts to buy so, basically, 
 i've been searching for it ever since.
until yesterday!
thank you, hobby lobby, for selling posters for a fraction of the cost!
poster: $12
cheapest frame: $6
total: $18!!!
i was so excited because nathan really liked it back in december and he rarely gets into home decor,
ya know? 
i carried it around the store like it was my prize possession or something.
come on, ladies, you know that feeling of triumph.  heehee!
now it's hanging in our bedroom right where it belongs.
God is into the minute details of our lives and He delights in blessing His children in even small, insignificant things.
i am so thankful!

have a blessed day!


life rearranged


  1. The view from your laundry pile is amazing!!!

  2. There are SO MANY things I love from your week!
    1. LOVE the polka dot shirt! I need one!
    2. You can never have too many cardigans!
    3. That view is beautiful! Almost beautiful enough to enjoy folding laundry.
    4. LOVE those mugs! SO FUN!! And I love the sweet holder they're on!
    5. Your daughter is amazing!
    6. Your subway art is SO fun! I love when God blesses us even with the little things that delight our heart!

    Blessings to you sweet friend!!

  3. Awww i love homemade gifts from kiddies, my fave..

    you got the right idea, i love your IG's so far!!! What is your user?

  4. I love the birthday gifts, and the view from your laundry pile. What a lovely way to look at the world, from the laundry pile instead of at. Happy weekend!

  5. I love those pretty teacups you have. I like your new poster. Isn't it rewarding when holding off pays off? I too hope that picmonkey finds a way to generate collages. Have a great weekend!

  6. YES! i know the feeling! :) so glad you found it. And tonight i was just bemoaning the fact we only have picnik for 4 more days...but i'm so excited to hear about picmonkey! thanks so much for the news. Yay! there's hope! ;)

  7. love your outfits! and i'm happy you are on instagram now! that poster is awesome. what a DEAL. woot!!!

    yeah, i am really hoping picmonkey's collages will be ready before the 19th! i mean, that would be a good business plan, right? hopefully they know that. : )

  8. ps. we also have that vacuum. can't wait for my kids to push it, too. ; )

  9. Oh my...those coffee cups are gorgeous! Love them to pieces. And that print!!!! I want one too!!! Seriously. It's on my list next time I go to Hobby Lobby!

  10. Don't you just love instagram! It makes all of the simple things look so important :)


  11. I love seeing the snipets of your life. And I truly love that He cares about the small things, just like you said.

  12. i just died when i saw those cups on that cup rack. seriously? i'm in LOVE. where in the world did you get those????? and congrats on the nail biting. i've been a nail biter off and on my whole life. i'll do really well for years, but then bite them all off and have to do it again!! good luck girl!


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