Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy accident and an awesome challenge!

don't you love it when a happy accident occurs?
last night, i got the hankerin' for homemade pizza.
on our way home from piano lessons, i stopped at the local market and grabbed some pork sausage, fresh onions, and a hunk of mozzerella
i already had pizza crust and sauce.

*note* i was trying to make something out of things that i already had in the house, but i guess my craving took over and i justified my dinner choice  having only {two} of the needed ingredients.  :D

well, it's not like homemade pizza is hard or anything, and i wanted to use the crust mix that i had recently bought at a discount market.
aka. bent and dent store.
discounted foods, whatever.
it wasn't out of date and there was nothing wrong with it.
it looked health{ier} than just a regular 'ol crust, so i started adding the needed ingredients.
upon closer inspection of the mix, i found out that it was gluten free.  good, right?
it was made out of rice flour and when i stirred the mix together, it was like runny cake batter.

*insert panic and grumbles*

i was seriously hungry for pizza, and this was jeopardizing my chances of satisfying my pizza craving.
or so i thought.
i kept mixing, and poured the dough  in the size pan it called for{very important} and pre-baked it, like the recipe said.
soon emerged from the stove an amazing aroma that i had never smelled before{when baking pizza}.
the crust was  seasoned with amazing smelling spices{i dug the package out of the garbage, so i know}.  :D

anyway, the crust came out looking a little like the picture below{but puffier...i poked it down}.
and smelled wonderful!

i excitedly proceeded to add the sauce, had my daughter grate the cheese,
add the yummy sausage, and top it off with loads of onions{our my favorite}.

{yes, i am a dork}

we baked it again for 15 minutes and it was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n.
and not by my doing, mind you.
the only problem with this whole situation is that there wasn't enough!
well, there was, but a few leftovers would have been nice.
leftovers?  what's that?!
seems like an eternity ago since we've had those.
my kids are a growin' and they love to eat!

our family agreed that it was the best pizza we had ever had.

moral of my story...

happy accidents are good!
i am so glad i didn't trash the crust when it looked like runny cake batter.
we would have never known how yummy gluten free pizza crust is. :D

now i just need to figure out where to find that crust again.

and if you ever see NAMASTE FOODS pizza it{lots} and hoard it!

Namaste Foods LLC, Gluten Free Products For People With Food Allergies

gotta love that kids expression!

::::::::speaking of food:::::::::

so, in other news of the day, i was perusing my favorite blogs this a.m., and was totally inspired by 

she has issued a challenge for the up and coming holiday season{s}.

here is what she had to say...

"My friends, we are going to be holding feasts in the next few weeks. To us they are important, wonderful celebrations of joy and thankfulness. We have traditions of all kinds, more gifts given and received than any of us can count, and we love it. I love, love, love the holidays. Cool weather, warm fires, yummy foods, family, and all the fun things that come with the winter season- we have been given such wonderful gifts.
But for so many people, the holiday season may be much different. For the poor it's a reminder of what they don't have.  For the disabled, the holidays might be a lonely time. For the bitter, it’s probably a time of misery. For the single, it can be a time of great sadness. For those who are grieving this year, it may be the hardest season they've ever experienced.
I think Americans have done a good job in providing food for the poor on each holiday. Many have a place they can go eat a warm Thanksgiving meal for free. But how many have a warm and happy home they can go to as well?
That's why I'm excited to bring you guys a challenge this season.
If you're in, you have over seven weeks to accomplish your mission.
Are you ready for it?

Invite someone you wouldn't normally invite to your feast this year.
Share your feast with someone who doesn't have a loving and living home.
It's really that simple.
I’m calling it the “share your feast” holiday challenge!"

isn't that amazing?
she also said...

"Show them- show them the love of Jesus firsthand by loving them and welcoming them into your life. Money doesn't change people's lives. Free food doesn't change people's lives. Jesus does. And He wants to do it through us."


"I can’t wait to see what our Father will do when we work in unity for His name! Oh, please, please pray for this you guys- pray that His will be done and His glory will be made known among the people this season!"

are you in???  
head over to Mandy's blog for the full post and details.
this may bring us out of our comfort zones, friends, 
but think of the blessing we could be to one person{or more}.
showing the love of Jesus to them in a tangible way this holiday season!
if you're in, head over to Mandy's blog and sign up ASAP!
start thinking of who you can invite into your home.
i've got my gears turning, that's for sure!
bless and be blessed!

happy day, friends!


next up.....the happy day project!

happy day

embrace the camera



  1. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, that pizza looks amazing! I love happy accidents! thank you for sharing about the challenge! I'm so excited! :D

  3. Looks amazing. I'm so glad you stuck with it--I would have just called for order in! :) And it looks like the kids enjoyed it, too. Thanks for sharing a yummy secret with us at Rub Some Dirt On It


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