Monday, November 7, 2011

road trip

some days you just need to get out of the house.
and shop.  :)
you all know what i'm talking about, right? 
change of scenery.
score a great find.
take a drive.
wander around a dirty old, junk filled acre of property with thousands millions of goodies just waiting to be brought home and lovingly re-purposed.
oh, yes!
well, we happen to have one of those glorious places only a few miles from where i was going to drop off my daughter for the day last week. 
and i had big plans.
i posted about another trip we took there this summer here.
i'm always a little hesitant to whip out the OLD camera at the 'amish walmart', as we like to call it.
i know they have issues with photos and all.  
no worries, i had my daughter stealthily snapping away for me.
{they actually just don't like pictures of their faces, so the junk is ok}  :D
see her work here

mission drop off maddie.
maddie and her twin best friends.
aren't they adorable?! 

and we are on our way!
even though the leaves are all gone, the colors are still just as beautiful.
what a beautiful home God has blessed us with.

the dude.
these fellas were roaming free, crossing the road in front of us, and giving us great photo ops. 
take your time, guys.

our destination.
the amish walmart.
aka: a place where people get paid cash for their old junk and it is resold for peanuts.
get yer gloves on though, your gonna have to dig!

i was too lazy to take pictures while we were there last week, and it was freezing!
amish = no lights or heat.
we probably would have brought home more if i could have actually seen what i was looking at.
oh well!
we found some treasures despite freezing and running into things... these old books.
one is a 1907 magazine of some sort, but i just fell in love with the owl on the front.
and....check out that november activity book!
it is loaded with vintage coloring pics and fall activities inside that are hardly even touched.
i totally love it.
also scored was the number '3' tile and the vintage green box.
elly has claimed them for herself, though.
she's a pretty awesome scout for me!

and for my boys room, elly also found some antlers to hang on their wall.
right now they are just propped up against the books, but they will be hanging very soon.

the boys are totally excited.
i have been collecting random vintage or antique wildlife pictures for one of the walls in their room.
so far i have an antique oil on canvas of cows, and a paint by number from the thrift.
not pictured are two stitched pictures, one of a squirrel and one of deer that i found at the thrift store last week for $1.50 a piece.
i'm getting excited to 'finish' their room.
yeah. right.
like it will ever be finished!
i think you get the idea here...

it was a successful trip all in all.
i also found a set of WW2 head gear from a fighter plane{$12.00!} for my dad for Christmas.
my dad is sooo hard to buy for, so when i find something awesome and unusual, i grab it for him.
have you found any great junk finds lately?
what were they?
wouldn't it be awesome to go junking together?
maybe some day, huh?
i could seriously write a book on all the great finds i have found at this place, or at least seen there.
it was fun to get out, but it was equally as nice to get back home again and warm up.

on another subject...
i have written and sent my letter from this project.


i chose to write my first letter to a little girl, sarah, from my sunday school class.
she has recently graduated from my pre-k-k class to first grade.
i am really going to miss her, too.
she was always very helpful to me, and was never afraid to participate in class.
i wanted her to know how encouraged i was by her and how thankful i am for her help.
it's not always easy to keep 12 pre-k and kindergarteners in line, and she was always obedient and helpful.
so, thank you, sarah! 
i am going to miss you!

also, we are going to be baking cookies for our neighbors later thanks to this encouraging project.
they even have awesome printables to go with each day.
yay! for cute printables!
hope you can join in on the fun.
you will be blessed for sure.

happy day

honestly, i have a major headache today, and the kiddos have been 'extra' loud,
but we have so much to be thankful for, so i'm going to suck. it. up.
are you with me?
keep on keeping on, friends!
God wants to use us, and people need our love and encouragement!
have a wonderful day.


4. today i am thankful for loud, healthy children, and my sweet hubby who knew i needed take out over the weekend. :D

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  1. Oh, my!! I love all the treasures you found!! At first when you said, "Amish WalMart" I thought you were serious, and I wondered how an "Amish" WalMart differed from mine. Ha! I bet Sarah is going to LOVE her letter! I am doing The Happy Day Project, too. So far--it's been awesome! (Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!)


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