Thursday, November 10, 2011

{ten on ten}

my first ever.
here ya go.

our freshly powdered slide and swing set this a.m.

my burnt cinnamon and raisin sprouted bagel with cream cheese for breaky.
{note the messy cream cheese job}
yeah, i was pouting after i burnt the bagel that i  was so looking forward to.

a mid morning hot chocolate break.


a trip to our favorite place.
{the thrift}

henry and his new thrift store hat.
{yes, i washed it first. i have ocd, remember?}

beautiful words the Lord gave me this morning.
He has been teaching me a lot about this lately.

slushy snow fort.

homemade chicken and rice soup for supper.
{made with our homegrown chicken}
i'm such a copycat.
 my friend, sandi, is an amazing cook, and she teaches me a LOT.

me and the hankster.

well, i believe that about wraps things up for my first {ten on ten} post.
how fun was that?
playing around with the camera is kind of fun for me, although i, in no way, pretend to be 
something that i am not.
i am a complete novice,
an admirer of other peoples amazing photo talent.
i would like a better camera.
but this one does the job for now.
i am able to photograph my children and document our lives, 
which i love.

6. today i am thankful for my camera,
 even though it is old and has vision problems.
it views the world through a blurry lens, 
and it functions very slow.
 but it is mine, and so i thank the Lord for it.

i haven't forgotten about the thankful on paper challenge, either.
i have so much to be thankful for, and so many people i want to thank,
it's hard to narrow it down.
but i will.
i definitely will.

also, if you haven't heard about the happy day project, 
check it out!

happy day

it's not too late to join in.
bless and be blessed.

happy day, friends.
glad we got to chat today.


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  1. LOVE all your pictures! So jealous of all that beautiful snow you have :)

  2. I loved all of your pictures too. Especially the PRoverbs verse. Wow. That resonated with me. For sure. And on another note, those green boots and coat. So cheery.

  3. we have the exact same hot cocoa scene as you. :) I can't believe how much snow you have already! WOW!

    That soup looks soooo good! We are raising hens for eggs. My girls would never eat chicken again if we cooked one for dinner. lol!

  4. What a beautiful day! Great set!

  5. this is such a pretty post. the elly picture is my fave. and that thrift store sounds fantastic!!! so many lovely things to be thankful for. our God is so kind!


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