Thursday, November 17, 2011

it's lefse day!

well, it sure seems like i hardly have the time to pull together a 'decent' post these days.
there's just not enough time to sit down and actually gather my thoughts
and say what i wanna say.

do you have that problem?

that being said,
i'm going to do it again.
just bits and pieces here today.

it's lefse making day!
it's lefse making day!

today is the one day of the year that we go over and assist
my amazing mother-in-law in a wonderful tradition.
it's potatoey, it's floury, it's messy, it's buttery, and sugary.
it's sooo good.

so for now, you get a beautiful image i snatched off the internet, 
but i'll be back later to add to this post and show you our fun.

{he was supposed to be smiling}

today, i am thankful for opportunities to do things together as a family.
today, i am asking for your prayers for my niece.
please don't stop.
thank you so very much, friends.
until later today...
praying that you all have a wonderful day!


8.  today i am thankful for interrupted schedules, and the sweet prayers of my friends{near and far} that intercede for our needs.
thank you SO much.


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