Saturday, November 5, 2011

man down

yesterday, henry wasn't feeling the greatest.

apparently, woody had a headache, too.  :)

last night, his brother and sisters were feeling bad for him, so they got to work.

it was a blessing to see them coddle him, and take such good care of him.
the pictures they made for him are exactly what he loves, and only they would know that.
a.  buzz lightyear
b.  nascar {orange=henry's fave color}
c.  spongebob and patrick
d.  the steelers
he always teases us that he doesn't like the packers, and that the steelers are his favorite.
{note:  his dad really, really likes the packers}
he is such a tease.

it was nice to be reminded that, despite the seemingly endless bickering and arguing,
our kids really do love each other.


and, thankfully, he has perked up a bit today!

2. today i am thankful for brotherly love.

have an awesome weekend everyone!


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  1. Wow, how wonderful that your older kids came together to encourage your younger one! That is so sweet! And way to go, mama, for raising them to be compassionate! :0)
    So sad to see the pic of little guy not feeling well. I'm glad he was able to nurse Woody back to health... lol


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