Wednesday, November 9, 2011

we now interrupt the regular programming...

i was going to post about my christmas planner today,
but somedays just don't go as planned.
here's a peek.

i had so much fun making it!
thanks, alicia, for showing me the great idea!
i might even be organized this christmas.
i never thought those two words really went together.

lying in bed last night, i was enjoying listening to the gentle rain as it fell against the house and lulled me to sleep.
this morning i woke up to wintry gusts and this...

or wait...
was it this?

i'm pretty sure it was this little guy.
in between elbowing me in the head several times while he bounced around my sleepy body,
he was saying things like,
"look at the snow, isn't it b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.?"
"it's so beautiful and white!"
"awww, i just love the snow."
"i'm going to get married in the snow on christmas eve...i can't wait."

whoa, buddy.
give your momma a break.
no marriage talk, yet.
needless to say, the boys were excited!
it was like they had been fed three months worth of sugar 
or had been injected with crazy drugs.
nope. just snow.
that's all it takes, folks. 

after i finally got them calmed down{and made a bee line for some extra strong coffee}, 
we had oatmeal for breakfast, because it just sounded good{to me}.
a certain little redhead let his get cold and then cried because it was 'yucky'. 
i was a wimp this morning and let him get away with not eating it.
that probably wasn't a good idea.

then the kids got bundled up and headed down to the neighbors to re-deliver some cookies they made.
they definitely didn't mind heading outside.

i just wanted to cuddle up with some tea and read this.

our poor ducks didn't know what to think!
meet starbright, bob, and frank.
or, frankie.
oh, yes, she's a girl.

in one hour, this is what we got!
it looked so awesome from inside, but getting stuck in the driveway was another story.
don't worry, i didn't hit the house like i thought i was going to.
{that was a close one}.

here are a few pictures that i snapped of the kids with the cookies they made for the happy day project.
they tried to bring them to our neighbors last night, but nobody was home.
today they had success, though, and they even got to go in the snow doing it!  double score!
we are having so much fun doing this, even if we are a few days behind.
yesterday, we printed off this printable, and everyone sent out a letter to someone they love and appreciate.
day one. check!
day two, check!
day three{which is today], i'm still working on. 
it is so much fun to give to others, don't you think?
even if it is a quick text saying that you are thinking of them, 
people need our love.
so many people are hurting, lonely, and need the love of Jesus. 
this is such a wonderful way to start.
a great door opener, if you will.
i don't need the happy day project to show my love, 
but it sure was a much appreciated kick in the pants to do something.

gotta run for now, but i'll be back to chat again soon.
i hope that you have a blessed day, friends!


5. today i am thankful for dear friends, who you can be yourself with, no matter what.


  1. SNOW!! I am right there with your boys :] I love the happy day project idea. A great way to share the gospel.

  2. i adore this whole post! i love that you made a fun! i love the snow and so glad you have it and not me yet :) i love that you and your kids were out in it delivering cookies. so sweet. and i love the idea of tea and magazines. love it all :) xo, alicia


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