Saturday, January 21, 2012

have you heard?

have you heard the news?
can you even believe that picnik is closing?
who is going to fix my blemishes?
who is going to airbrush me smooth?
who is going to sharpen my blurriness?
who is going to edit my photos so that they look vintage on purpose because my camera is so old it takes dark, grainy photos?

all these questions have{obviously} been running through my head.
but i'm seriously kidding, mostly.
but kinda not.
maybe it's time for a new camera.
maybe God wants us to upgrade...
who knows!
any suggestions?
what editing software do you use?
what kind of camera should we look into{if any at all}!
should we just get new phones and use apps?
photoshop makes me want to vomit just thinking about it.
i seriously hope they come out with a user friendly version on google+ or
what ever company decided to shut it down.
such. a. bummer.
but definitely not life altering.
i'm mostly being goofy, but i really did send my husband a frantic text when i found out.
so...if you have ANY suggestions, let me know, k?

i am totally sleep deprived today, which may be encouraging the exaggeration above.
poor little henry got a major headache yesterday afternoon and it turned into the flu.
no worries though, kitcat kept him plenty company and he is much better today. :)

have you heard?
my sweet hubby brought me a treat from the co-op the other night.
he called me from the store and asked for my requests.
i told him i wanted cheetos, but the non-chemical neon food coloring kind.
and oh boy, did he deliver!
spritzer, cheetos, and a mint brownie all for me.
so you know what i was doing yesterday when all the kids disappeared for a while and henry was sleeping.
mommy time! :)
isn't it nice to have a treat of your own sometimes?
i did, of course, share the cheetos when they were discovered by child radar.
they have it, you know.

have you heard?
all goofiness aside, i wanted to remind you that tomorrow we observe 
national sanctity of human life day.
a day that we remember the tragic legalization of abortion in our country since 1973.
if you were born after 1973, you should seriously thank your parents for choosing life.
because they had the option to kill you.
the roe vs wade case forever changed the morality of our nation and it's stand on defending human life.
God doesn't take this lightly, friends.
He specifically warns us against the shedding of innocent blood.
to date, we have allowed{legally} the murdering of over 50 million innocent babies in america.
that's over 4,000 innocent humans a day.
so, so tragic.
the good news is...we can make a difference! :)

i believe that life is a gift from God.
He knows us all before we were ever born.
He loves each and every one of us and died on the cross for you, me, and all of the babies, too.
even the ones that never saw the light of day.
thank you, Lord, that they are in Heaven with you today.
my prayer is to help others understand the damage that abortion does, not only to the obvious, the baby, but to the mother as well.
so, so many women are deceived into thinking that they are not really carrying a baby.
just a mass of tissue. a fetus. an embryo.
call it what you will, but it doesn't change what it is.
when does that mass turn into a human?
when it's heart stars beating at 22 days after conception?
or when the eyes, ears and several other organs rapidly develop into the fourth week?
i could go on and on, but...
my goal is to help others realize that each life is sacred, no matter what stage it is in.
every. single. stage. of life is necessary to sustain the next.
from conception to birth, because God designed it that way.
i also want to show love and compassion to those who have had abortions or are considering it.
God loves them so much, and i hope that His love can shine through me and be a light to all those i meet.

                                                          :::please take the time to watch this amazing testimony:::                                                                             

I'm never going to apologize for being 100000% PRO-LIFE. Protect the innocent. ♥ Promote adoption. ♥ Inform mothers of what is happening in their womb. ♥ Protect the unborn.

have you heard?
it's the weekend, and i hope your is wonderful!


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hop on over to my friend, stephanies blog to see God's amazing work in her family's life! 


  1. hey friend! before i forget...thanks for the order!! it's on it's way! and i am totally bummed about picnik! what the heck?!?

  2. NOOOO. what is wrong with the makers of picnik? sad day. AMEN about abortion. the other night i watched that 180 degrees video. it was SO powerful. everyone should watch it. it's amazing to see how people can change their mind about abortion when they think of the baby as an actual human being, rather than an object.

  3. I am so sad about picnik! I had not heard this and it bums me out! You go girl on sanctity of life and Tim Tebow! You rock! Thanks for the awesome comment you left on my blog!


  4. I had no idea about Picknik! But I don't use it. I don't know what I use. Maybe it doesn't even have a name??? OK, I just asked Cory. I use Microsoft Photo Editor. Ha ha! Fancy, right?

    I want your brownie. And the spritzer.

  5. Sorry your lil' man was feeling sick. Hope you get more sleep tonight. Hooray for a hubbie who brings home treats . . . now I'm craving cheese puffs. And I love what you said about the sanctity of life. We watched a video and had a guest speaker about it at church this morning and just about had me in tears. You said it well my dear. Now I'm off to put cheese puffs on my grocery list. :)

  6. WELL I have some good news for you! Picknic will be moving to Google+ !!! My husband works for Google, so I have a little bit of an "in"! So take heart, it's still around!

    I love your treats from the Co-op!


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