Thursday, January 12, 2012

oh, yes it did!

guess what? 
it finally snowed.
it is wisconsin, after all.
now henry can stop asking me when he can use his 
said just like Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story,

the only difference is, i couldn't tell him that he would 
"shoot his eye out!"

moving on....

 {snow tubes=HAPPY!}

 {deflated snow tubes=SAD!}

{luigi :::aka kitcat::: even wanted to go out}

you knew it would end this way, right?

and for good measure,
here is my favorite song about snow.

happy snow day!



  1. hehe love it ... i just did a snow post myself ... we got snow today too! i love it! and your kiddos are adorable! what are their ages?!

  2. oh yes it did, it snowed here to in MN!!! Looks like you had a FAB snow day, LOVED all the pics!!!


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