Saturday, January 7, 2012

well, hello there!


well that was a long break, huh?

i've decided to come out of hiding and be BRAVE!
to be honest, i have felt so overwhelmed for the past month and a half.
the longer i went without blogging,
the harder it got for me to sit down and write.
shauna described it perfectly {here}.
mrs. t described me 'to a tee'{no pun intended} {here}.
i'm not quite sure what i was afraid of, or what was holding me back.
i just needed time.
time to celebrate CHRISTmas.
time to make homemade crafts with the kids.
time away from school work.
time to breathe{because some days that's all i felt i could do}.
time to re-evaluate why i  started blogging in the first place.
time to realize that this is not a competition.
we are all unique and we all have amazing stories.
time to realize that i write to please Him, and no one else.
but i still want to be liked by everyone, k?
do you feel that way, too?

the day has come.
i am open for business{just like Jack in the picture}.  :)
i'm jumping back in!
God has revived in me a desire to connect and share with this
amazing community of friends that He has blessed me with.
He is working mightily all around us.   for sure.
we have experienced miracles{after my murmuring to Him}, answered prayer, and blessings that have been lavished upon our undeserving family from the Giver of all good things.
i can't guarantee how often i will post,
but i am back{errrr....for now}.  haha!

back to share our story.
back to document my children's lives.
back to sharing God's grace and mercy to us all.
because it's just too good not to share.

la la la la la.
enough of my babbling.
i'll finally stop distracting myself with designs, buttons, and html and just write.
are you happy, honey?
and i really mean my sweet hubby.
he is my biggest encourager in this adventure, and i appreciate that so much.
when i asked him if he noticed my new blog header design, he said, "ummm...yeah...but where's a new post?!"
it's funny, because when i first started this lil 'ol blog o mine,
he was a tad annoyed with the time it took from our schedule.
now he looks forward to it and pushes gently nudges me to keep going.
thanks, sweetie. :)

all that to say...
well hello there, friends!
happy new year to you all!
i hope you had an amazing Christmas with your precious families.
i can't wait to share some of ours with you.
even if it a month late.


seriously?  can i ever just write something short and sweet?

apparently not.

Finding Healthy Hope


  1. Happy New Year to you, my friend. God bless you in all that you do.

  2. glad you are back, Mary! there is nothing wrong with a break. happy new year!!

  3. woohoo .. you're back ... and a break is good!!!hehe and you're right our lives are to good not to share ... and our kiddos will love us for this one day!


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