Tuesday, January 24, 2012

virtual coffee:::the good news and the bad news

hello. hello. hello!
i'm having coffee with amy this afternoon today, because a.m. blogging just aint happenin' over here, friends. 
i have lots of news to share over my dunkin' donuts hazelnut flavored coffee{black, of course}, given to me from some of my sweet  friends at church.
it's funny how God takes care of even our littlest wants in this world.
it's like He thought,
"oh, you don't have any more coffee left?  i think i'll send some for you at church tonight from some super thoughtful and loving friends.  just because i love you."
yes, the Lord blesses us with our wants, too.
how cool is that?

and speaking of love, and coffee...
check this little number out.
it is very good news.
you must speed click over here right now to check out sweet alicia's amazing creations.
be warned...they sell out faster than the speed of light.
adorable, right?   oh, yes.
i will definitely be the girl who carries the cutest coffee cozy at the co-op now!
in fact, i bought two.  because two are better than one.
and my daughter and i won't have to fight over it.  ;)
soon i will post about my other goodies from her shop.  
be warned...my pictures don't do them justice.

ok, more good news: a 10 p.m. cereal date with my little guy.
the bad news: we were awake and eating cereal at 10 p.m. because he was sick.  again. or still.  not sure which one.
notice the sicky pink cheeks and half hearted smile?  
he is such a trooper for momma.
and speaking of momma/bad news...can i just say boo to zits, too?  i am 32 now...i think i have earned clear skin. 
my favorite feature on the soon to be closing {RUDE!} picnik  is the blemish fix.
man i'm gonna miss that.

the good news:  the girls and i have been crafting, sewing, and knitting up a storm.  well, i don't knit, but...
the bad news:  we would rather be crafting, sewing, and knitting rather than doing school books, BUT!  i do believe home-economics to be a very necessary course in life.  especially for two little girls.
eleanor sewed her very first zipper in today and it looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g!
their talents never cease to amaze me!

the good news:  my daughter has been very diligent to read her Bible and do her own devotions every day.
absolutely precious.   i snuck in on her the other morning...
the bad news:  i know i need to be a better example of this diligence to my children.  i lack in so many areas.
so, really, this is good news in both aspects.  she spends time with the Lord, and encourages us[yes, me, her mother} to do the same.  faithfully.

the good news:  i got to take TWO naps in the last two days AND cuddle with this little guy before everyone woke up the other morning.
the bad news:  the naps i took were because we have this terrible virus going around our house!  ack!
it starts off with a blasting headache with a side of the stomach flu{for some}, and finishes off with massively swollen glands and what sounds like a full sore throat.  for like FIVE days.
you don't want it.
i can sense that you want to go wash your hands now and so do i.
it's nasty.
go ahead, sanitize away!

and lastly, just for kicks...
the good news:  we love love love our kitty!
he is such a sweet kitty and  i think he loves us, too.
the bad news:  said kitty likes to climb up my slipcovered dining room chairs, scratch at my cowhide ottoman, and he has ruined 2 cranes from this mobile that i ordered from etsy this past fall for my boys' room.
more good news: the owner of the shop is going to repair it for free!  she is my hero! ;)

well, that's all i got for today, friends.
i hope your life has been filled with lots off good things so far this week.
i'm off to go fill up my cup and snuggle with the sick boy.

later gator.





  1. I love this post ... Love learning more about you! And your coffee black?! Hmm I need to try that! And love how God blesses us unexpectedly after all He is our daddy an don't we love to bless our children?! And I saw your prayer chalkboard and was so blessed to me my name on there just so sweet and kind of you .... You have such a warm heart my friend! And lastly you get over your sickness your whole family .... No fun at all .... But I have to admit sometimes it's nice to cuddle our kids when they're feeling yucky it warms a momma heart to know your needed ;)

  2. I ordered a coozy from Alicia too. The mustard one :) I tried it out today for the first time! and loved it.

    God is so great :)

  3. alicia has some seriously cute stuff in her shop, she is so talented, i just love her! that coffee cozy is really cute and oh so prefect for this time of year, huh? i hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon. i need sewing lessons...wish i could come by for sewing and coffee! : )

  4. such is life... such a mix of good and bad news :)
    i've favourited several things in alicia's shop - toooo lovely!!
    hope your boy's better soon - my daughter's home from school with a tummy bug - poor baby :(

  5. I bought a coffee cozy too! I was the cutest coffee drinking girl in my neck of the woods!
    Sorry your lil' man isn't feeling good again . . . ugh.
    I don't think there is anything more precious than seeing our children read their bible. Love it.
    I'm trying to teach my girls to sew too . . . but I don't know what I'm doing!
    Have a great day!

  6. Ha ha! Love your post....okay the good news is that you are hilarious and a wonderful mom (I think you were in the running on the Dr. Phil show, too) and the bad news is that your post is over for today! Thanks for the smile!

  7. Stopping by from Virtual Coffee to say hi!

    That cozy is too cute! Hope the sickness leaves your household soon.

  8. hey girlie :) you are TOO sweet. i'm so happy you got two naps...that's just amazing isn't it?? i love me a good nap. have a sweet day!

  9. as a girl who got married and had never done laundry or cooked in her life (my mom was an OCD control freak...) your daughter's husbands will thank you for the home economics. : ) also, i hope you all feel way better really soon.


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