Thursday, January 26, 2012

we're sharing...

...and for once, i'm totally against it.

i'm usually all for sharing.
after all, refereeing children in the midst of battle is my forte, but not this time.
go ahead...
share the cat.
share your toys.
share the remote.
share your gum.
by all means share the love for goodness sake!
but please, please, please don't share your germs!

it all started on the tragic night that the broncos and tim tebow lost to the patriots.
that was a stinky game and i'm still not over it.   hrrrmmmph.
we sat dazed at my sisters house trying to ignore the fact that they were getting absolutely whooped.
i kept grabbing for more jalepeno poppers to ease the pain.
ok, not really.
but that's when it hit.
elly had a headache and wasn't feeling well.

since then, this 'thing' has made it's way through every. single. one. of the kids.

it starts off like this,

"mom, i have a really bad headache."
it's baaaaad, you guys.

then it's like this,

"mom{or dad}, my stomach hurts, can you get me a garbage can?"  *insert throwing up*

followed by,

"my neck and blood vessels in my head hurt really bad!  they won't stop pounding!"
for like, at least, two full days.  *insert mom panic*

with a side of,

majorly swollen glands making it sound like they have severe strep throat.


annnnnd drumroll please.......................

a massive head cold with lots o' draining snot.
you can hear me telling the boys to get their finger out of their noses{and get a tissue!}on a minute by minute basis.
no joke.

thank the Lord right now that you do not have this in your house!  really, do it.   :)
i have no idea where it came from, but it can go home right now.

while jack suffered  the most yesterday, he was still feeling the effects today.
he even thought it was necessary to take extra precautions.
he's always prepared.

isn't that precious?  this kid cracks. me. up.
he wasn't to keen on me photographing him, but i'm so glad i did so i'll have it to remember.

this morning since everyone was still recovering{or just starting to get sick}, i did what every good mom would do.
i let the kids have the day off from school.  ahhh...the beauty of home school.  :).
elly, my oldest, is the only one fully recovered, so she spent the day crafting and sewing away.
she and maddie make pins, banners, cozies, pot holders, etc...and sell them in a local shop.
isn't that sweet?  the lady who owns the shop is such a blessing to us.
in this post, you can read about some of their creations.
maddie sold every single one of her flower pins, and made $45.00!!!
that's a lot of money for a 10 year old!
she has a whole new batch made, just waiting to be dropped off.

elly's bird coffee cozy.

i tried my hand at a camera on the cozy{with ric rac for the camera strap} see it?!?
henry{my most wonderful and youngest son}, told me it looked like a window with a little kids head in it, with no eye balls or face.
awesome...exactly what i was going for!

all in all, it was a wonderful day.
the kids got lots of rest.
we ate mini tacos and e.l. fudge chocolate filled buttery cookies for lunch{mother of the year, i know}.
we prayed for friends and those we know that need it.
we sang songs together.
we thanked the Lord for His goodness, even in sickness.
really, we did.

so... must listen to this song!
i love it.  a. lot.


i am truly thankful to have my kids at home with me, and while the sickness isn't fun,
we still made lots of great memories.
how was your day?  

now i have one favor to ask...
please, please pray that my husband and i don't. get. sick.
thank you!





  1. Oh bless y'alls hearts! You have such a great sense of humor about it all. But really in times like these, it's either laugh or cry. Laughing seems to work best. Praying you and husband don't get it too :)

  2. Oh my goodness, feel better, praying for all of you!!! xoxo

  3. Sounds like a fun, successful day spent with the ones you love! Praying that this bug leaves your home!

  4. I'll be praying that this icky sick thing will leave your family alone!
    Your girls are SO talented! What amazing things they can create! Wow!
    I gave you a little award today, you can see it at my blog post today. :)
    Here's to a healthy, barf free, day!!!

  5. Your photos and projects are amazing! Im your newest follower! xoxo

  6. oh dear ... still sad to hear the sickies are still hanging around .. and i will be praying. and yay for your daughetr and all her sales ... that's just wonderful ... and her stuff is awesome! she must have a great teacher ;)

  7. I am so glad everyone is feeling better! I absolutely LOVE Phillips, Craig and Dean! Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Mary- I am really hoping that you read my prayer request. My cousin is 22 years old and was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
    If you would like to learn more about Heather you could visit here:

    Or commit to prayer through her facebook page:

    We appreciate all of your prayers

    God Bless

  9. p.s. I gave you the award as well, so you'll have to check out my post from today! I think I got the sick bug :(


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