Monday, October 10, 2011

the girls debut

good mornin', afternoon or night, friends!  
how was your weekend? 
are you LOVING this fall weather?
i suppose that depends on where you live, but where we are, it is just breathtaking!
the picture above is the entrance to our driveway.
i think it's just beautiful!

last week was quite a crazy week over here!
besides school and volleyball, church, etc...
the girls were getting ready for their big knitting debut.
they had been asked to come to a show at a local park 
where vendors could come and sell their 
handmade treasures.
needless to say, the girls were super excited!
{and i almost lost my mind}



the lady that invited them also owns a shop, called pomegranate, in a nearby town. 
she happened to break her wrist and pinky the week before last.  poor thing!
that meant no park showing, but they were still able to bring their creations to her shop on consignment.

here is what we came up with.
elly's best friend, sophie, gave her the name, 'mademoiselly',  and we liked it so much that the girls wanted to use it for their 'shop' name.
we are sooo grateful for wonderful, creative, encouraging friends, who make our lives so much more wonderful just by  being in it!  we love you, sebby's.

what do you think?

here are a few of their projects so far.

baby booties with owls by elly.

 this is a belt elly made out of felt.  it's not for sale, but i just thought i'd show you anyway. :)
she got the idea from a friend who found it on pinterest.

owl banners by elly.
these are missing the sticks that we put through them to make them look like they are sitting on branches.
i told you it was a craaazay week!

maddie makes these flower pins.
you can pin them on headbands, purses, or coats, so they are really versatile.

the shop owner asked the girls to write a little something about themselves.
i forgot to take a picture of elly's. oops!

i am really excited about this opportunity that the Lord has given them. 
it is such a good learning experience!
they have deadlines to meet, 
responsibilities to keep up with, 
and there is a lot of  time management being learned.

they have to make sure that their school, house, and volleyball commitments 
are all fulfilled before they can knit, and it is a challenge for them.
they are also learning how to work with people{never a problem!} and interact with business owners. 
there are consignment percentages and it challenges them to do their absolute best!
i love that angie is willing to allow them in her sweet shop
she is very honest with them and has given them very wonderful advice so far!
what you see on etsy is a very small sampling of what she has in her shop.
she has a really hard time keeping her shop stocked!

of course, God always wants us to do our very best, and i have been encouraging them with the verse,

"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord,"
Colossians 3:23

that is a really good challenge for me, too!

thank you so much for stopping by today.
i will keep you updated on what's going on with this new adventure.
i hope you enjoyed seeing their creations.
have a lovely day!




  1. Aww that is so cool!! What a great idea! elly and maddie are so cute!! xox visiting from the linkup today!

  2. Love it! Girls got talent!!!!!


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