Friday, October 14, 2011

blessings in disguise

hello.  :)
do you remember my post from yesterday?
well, it sure is funny how things work out sometimes.
or rather miraculous, i should say.
i'm not one who believes in luck or superstitions.
i know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is in control of everything in my life.
i am constantly reminded of how we ought not count on tomorrow, for we never know what a day will bring.

"Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth."
Proverbs 27:1

true words, indeed.

last night, as i was typing the post about my hubby, i received a phone call.
it was an unknown number to me{and i was blogging!?!}, so i didn't answer it.
thankfully, i knew that a church friend had left me a message earlier, too, so i grabbed my phone after clicking the 'publish blog' button and listened to my voicemails.

i listened to the first and pushed the appropriate number to delete the message, relying on memory to serve me when i was finished with the second message.
*note* relying on my memory, not a good idea. 
i proceeded to listen to the second {garbled} message of what sounded like my husband.
hmmmmm....this can't be good, i thought.
remember, he had been on his way to his second job after being home only moments before.
i saw his cell lying on the counter charging so i knew he didn't have it with him.
what you don't know, is that i had been on an 'alert' of sorts in my own mind.
or rather, my heart.

*his wonderful car, which had been given to us years prior in our deepest time of need, is past it's prime.
it has seen better days and certainly served us well.
we have a deep connection with the selfless love that was behind this gift.
it came when we least expected it, but truly needed it.
we are fully aware that it was meant for us, for such a time as was needed, and that God placed it in our family because He spoke to someone's heart, they listened, and even more amazing, they acted upon His nudging.
in short, this car had been a gift from God.
a symbol of His promise to take care of His own.
a constant reminder that through trials, deep valleys, chastening, and grace, He still has mercy upon His children.*

somewhat frantically, i called the number back.
no answer.
so i called again.
no answer.
finally, my husband  called me back and we had a clear connection.
he told me that he had hit a deer{the second one, of course}.
he was ok.
but the car was not.
what a relief!

we are so blessed that a nice man came up behind him, offered my husband his phone, and drove him to where he needed to go.
we are so blessed to have true friends that, even though they go to bed early because they are farmers, are willing to get up and tow a friend home.
we are so blessed that the deer flew over the car and not into it.
we are so blessed that my husband came home with no injuries.
there are just so many blessings in disguise that i feel can be so easily looked over, but we know that God is in complete control.

there is no doubt in my mind that this was God's way of preventing something much worse that could have happened with this car.
the tires are bald.
the wires are showing.
the frame is rusted.
despite all these things, he still drove it {not with the kids or me anymore} because it was what we had, and it was really not in the budget to get something else.
have you ever seen God move in a way that you just knew was Him?
this is my story, today, of how God used a scary situation to again remind us of His infinite plan.
and we are seriously going to miss this car.
i never want to forget the lessons of love, provision, and obedience that it encourages me with.

so, now i look forward to seeing what He will provide for us.
i'm sure you'll be hearing about it.  ;)

i hope you all have a lovely weekend, friends.
thank so much for stopping by today.
you are all a blessing to me.



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  1. oh, my, i love it when God reveals Himself so clearly! what a story of encouragement. so glad i stopped by to read it.


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