Friday, October 21, 2011

just me n the boys

well hello there!

today it was just me and my boys.
the dynamic duo that had me infuriated this morning when i found out that they tripped the security alarm in my van so that every time anyone opened any door, the blasting alarm would go off.
i had places to go today. things to do!  
all i could imagine was the deafening alarm forcing people to cover their ears 
and innocent bystanders flashing me nasty glares in every parking lot.
i panicked and called my husband.  the one who can fix anything.
of course, he knew what to do.  again.
{sorry for the hissy fit phone call, honey.  what you said to do worked.} 
once that was fixed, all was well.  :)

here they are. 
the guilty twins who were, apparently, having a little too much fun locking and unlocking doors.

jack and i in my parents backyard.
he gets my vote for sweetest comment of the day.
while praying over dinner at culvers with my mom, he finished with,
"and please let us have a day like this again...soon."

the boys sneaking a peek at grandpas military vehicle book.
{the one they accidentally bent the edges on.} 

my mom taking the boys for a walk while i finished cleaning her house.
{or was i watching extreme makeover home edition?}

my sis and i grabbed yummy lunch at our local food co-op today.
yes, i ate out twice.
{chipotle bean and sweet potato soup=heaven.}
i got this necklace from her.
it has a little angel on it and maddie added a #1 MOM charm.

aren't i spoiled blessed?

i always feel so fortunate when i get to spend time with my family.
i don't get to see my mom or sister very much, so it was really fun to hang out with them for a while.

how was your day?  
do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
i hope it is wonderful.
talk to you soon!


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