Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{virtual coffee}

hi, friends.
how was your weekend?
mine flew by{as usual}, but was very nice.
there might be a new{er} car in the works.  woo!
we got to spend a few hours on saturday with some of my favorite people.  yay!
and we attended a funeral  joyous celebration, because of the hope that we have in Jesus!

i can't believe it's tuesday already.
do you like coffee?
i hope that you can pull up a chair, grab your favorite warm beverage{because it's cold out there!} and stay a while.

if we were really having coffee this morning, i would tell you that i woke up cold this morning and stumbled  into this little guy huddled on the floor rocking back and forth.
he was being so goofy!

i think he was cold, too.  :)
of course, he wouldn't put on pants or a sweatshirt.
this kid is a breed all his own.
love him!

i would also tell you that my hubby and i have made a deal to try to keep the heat off for as long as possible.
i was ready to give in last night, but i think i might just be a tad bit premature on that.  :)
what was i thinking to agree to this?

63.5 and climbing this morning!
yeah, i've got it soooo bad, right?

i would tell you that the kids and i ran went to the thrift store last week
and took part in their blessed two dollar bag sale.
man, we made out like bandits.
i never spent four dollars so well.
yes, that means we got two bags, full.

vintage blue cardigan, red/gray striped sweater vest, and long sleeve hunter green shirt underneath all came from the thrifty bag sale last week.
the cowl is courtesy of my daughter, elly.

here is a pic elly took of it before it was done.
i love wearing the things she creates for me.

if we were really meeting for coffee this morning, i would tell you about henry and his crazy antics.
last night, we were watching 'Fiddler on the Roof' and he started serenading me with this song.

crazy kid.
"yes, i looove you!"

if we were chatting over coffee, i would tell you about this girl and how she has encouraged me.
she hits the nail on the head with the whole facebook thing{to me, anyway}.
i admire her honesty.
what do you think about facebook?
do you love it?
can you live without it?
it is a total love/hate relationship for me.
i love keeping up with family and friends, but i don't like how it sucks you in and steals precious time.
i suppose that would be my problem with self control{or lack thereof}, huh?
yeeeesssssss.  absolutely.
does it take away from precious time that i should be spending training my children or doing something for my family/someone in need?
i definitely need help with time management on this one, and i am going to make some changes with His help.
while facebook can be a worthwhile and fun tool, it has to be guarded carefully like anything else in my life.

so, do you think i'm crazy or do you kind of feel the same way?
if we were really having coffee, i'm pretty sure you'd be rolling your eyes at me right now with all of this babbling.
thanks for listening, friend.  :)

well, if we were really chatting over cider, coffee, a latte, soda, or whatever your choose, i would tell you that when the kids and i start off our day reading His Word, the day goes much better.

proven fact for sure.
well, school work is calling me and so are my husband's slippers.
the temp is still 63.5 in here and i might be adding a hat and some fingerless gloves soon.
i just know you are all playing me a sad song right now.  heehee
pooooor mary!

thanks for stopping by, friends.
love you all.




  1. Eeeeep!! the brown bag thrift sale!! Love those! I never seem to hit those anymore I'm too sporadic of a thrifter with four little ones in tow. but i try.

    I totally agree with you that our days go better when we start in the Word. 100 percent.

  2. we still haven't turned our heat on either...i would have today but my husband said he needs to change the furnace filter so i think it will have to be turned on tomorrow...brrr...my nose is cold! : ) you scored at the bag sale, what a cute outfit...i never find good clothes at our thrift stores. and i love that green cowl, very cute! thanks for coffee today!


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