Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jesus, i am resting, resting

hi, friends.
i'm joining amy for {virtual}coffee this morning.

i like my coffee black and strong.
exciting, right?

the kids and i hit a garage sale{only one!}last week and found some pretty awesome stuff.
we picked up this vintage coffee pot and thermos for $1 a piece.
they totally made me think of amy and her cute vintage style.
she also takes the best pictures.
yes, i am jealous.   :)

so, now it's going to get heavy...

if we were really having coffee this morning, i would tell you what is heavy on my heart.
i would tell you that there are so many people around me hurting, and that makes me hurt.
i would have to say that i am a fixer.
or i try to be anyway.
and when i can't fix things, it hurts even more.
i would admit that i really don't think that some things in this world are fair.
this may seem like such a childish statement, but it's true.
i would resolve to the fact that even though life isn't fair, and bad things happen to  people that i don't always understand,
there is Someone who does.
and, oh! does He ever!
He uses these trials, burdens, and cares to draw us to Him.
because He is a shelter in the time of storm.
He may use them to draw His own back to the fold.
because He is a loving Father who chastens His children.
He may use them to encourage the weary.
because He is our strength.
He may use them to save lost souls who are dying and in desperate need of a Savior.
because that's all that really matters.
we may never, ever know.

when the tears roll and the burdens overwhelm, there is only One that i can truly rest in.

if we were really having coffee today, i would ask you to pray for my niece, Charis.
she is four years old, an absolute miracle, and a testament to God's grace.
she has been faced with challenges from the very first moment that she took her first breath into this world.
a heart transplant recipient at 9 days old.
yes, 9  days.
a true fighter, brave and strong.
she has recently faced aggressive cancer, one of the worst kinds, and has been through two rounds of chemotherapy.

she and her family need our prayers.
would you add them to your prayer list, please?
i thank you so much for them in advance.
to God be the glory.

so, in any season of our lives...

we have hope.
we can trust.
we can rest.

"For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD."
Psalm 117:2




  1. precious most beautiful post, I will be praying! Thank you for sharing such as this--I admire your faith and love for Jesus, we are so similar that way! xo

  2. mary--i am so sorry for your sweet little niece and her family...it makes my heart ache for all of them. i love your vintage coffee thermos and coffee pot..what a great find! i love when i score a great treasure like that at a [rummage sale!!! thanks for coffee this morning...and i LOVE your coffee cup : )

  3. Love it! Love everything vintage!!!

  4. i will pray for your sweet little niece tonight. what a fighter!

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I can't imagine going through those things!

    I admire your faithfulness and love for Him!

  6. Beautiful coffee w/ you, my friend! YES, I shall pray for Charis! Do you know about Angie, at Free Spirit Haven? She is a Godly woman who will pray for Charis, too !

  7. Hi Mary, I found you on my besties blog Jami @ Call Me Blessed. The Lord lead me to you, The Lord does not make mistakes.

    I loved your beautiful heart. And I cryed for Charis and your family. We will be praying for her dailly.

  8. Praying for beautiful Charis!! This is a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your heart for God!


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