Thursday, October 13, 2011

thank you and a pic...:)

hi, friends.
i wanted to stop in real quick and thank you SO much 
for all of your kind words, prayers, 
and thoughtfulness for my niece, Charis.
she had her biopsy today and now we are waiting.
keep those lines to Heaven busy, please!
He is able to do exceedingly above anything we ask or think.
amen. :)

me and the hubby.
this was taken in between him walking through the door.
eating at warp speed{bad, i know}.
and headed right back out{within 10 minutes} in his dirty 'ol work clothes.
he works so hard for us.
i am so thankful for a husband with Godly character who takes such good care of his family.
he may not always want to leave, especially when the kids are around him jumping up for squeezes 
begging that he stay, but he always follows through.
we are looking forward to him being able to come home from work to stay.
please, Lord, soon.  :)

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image via pinterest

love you, honey.

see you all soon!



  1. i must say ... that is a great pic f you two love birds :) and i have also pinned that same "home is where your husband is" sign ... i love it ... so true! hope you have a great weekend my friend! and this is random ... but i seriously love your blog ... one of my all time faves :)

  2. praying for your niece! and what an adorable pic and print! I've gotta put that in my home :) I can relate to so much in this post--thankfulness for a hard working Godly husband but praying hard that this season will pass and we can have him home more.

  3. Oh and Mary, I just put you and your pinterest together! haha! I love your pins! We have such similar tastes in style, I'm constantly repinning you! lol

  4. Love it... Home is where your Husband is. That is so cute!

  5. that is a great picture of you guys, love it!!


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