Saturday, October 29, 2011

simple saturday

here are a few things that you will find in my house this saturday morning.

breakfast powered by shaklee.
oh, yes.  
the best breaky on the planet.
full of protein{the non GMO, unheated LIVE soy kind}
ultra hydrating{on the cellular level}
filling{like i'm not hungry until waaay past noon}!
blood sugar leveling{bye bye mood swings}
it is an understatement to say that we love this stuff.
my hubby and i make sure that we, and the kids, get a good source of live shaklee protein each day. 
to know more click here!

my favorite recipe:
1/2 cup organic low fat milk, soy milk, coconut milk or rice milk
1/2 cup orange juice
1 scoop shaklee vanilla cinch
1 scoop shaklee vanilla energizing soy
1 scoop shaklee orange performance
shake it up and enjoy creamsicle perfection!
{and lots of energy}

pure cell feeding  goodness.

miss madelyn crafting up a storm.
we sorta got hooked on making our own journals this week.
she wanted to share the love with her friends.
more on that next week, though.

henry and his horses.

toys, toys and more toys.
{and pj's all day}!

'cuddles' waiting for a jail break.
*note the apples in the corral*
i will be spending the afternoon picking up millions of little red beads. 

the never ending car lot in the front entry way.

thrift store school and decorating books{$.25 a pop}
and new thrifty bookends.
what do you think?  
my husband has a growing collection of books, so i thought they might come in handy.

well, i suppose i had better go and start cleaning all of this up.
i love the weekends, don't you?
so relaxing and slow.
yay! for slow!
i hope yours is great!


questions about shaklee?
email me at
i's LOVE to help!

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